Mind Map Inspiration
Mind Map Inspiration
"The Heart of the Enlightened"
by Anthony de Mello

"A large truck was moving through a railway underpass when it got wedged in between the road and the girders overhead. All the efforts of experts to extricate it proved useless, and traffic was stalled for miles on both sides of the underpass.


A little boy kept trying to get the attention of the foreman but was always pushed away. Finally in sheer exasperation, the foreman said, "I suppose you've come to tell us how to do this job!"


"Yes", said the child. "I suggest you let some air out of the tires."

Anthony de Mello

What can one do to attain happiness? There is nothing you or anyone else can do. Why? For the simple reason that you are already happy right now. So how can you acquire what you already have? If that is so, why do you not experience this happiness which is already yours? Because your mind is creating unhappiness all the time. Drop this unhappiness of your mind and the happiness that has always been yours will instantly surface. How does one drop unhappiness? Find out what is causing it and look at the cause unflinchingly. It will automatically drop.

From "The Heart of the Enlightened" ISBN 0385421281

From "The Way to Love" ISBN 038524939X

"A bear paced up and down the twenty feet that was the length of his cage.


When, after five years, the cage was removed, the bear continued to pace up and down those twenty feet as if the cage were there. It was. For him!"



"Wife to husband whose face is buried in the newspaper: "Has it ever occurred to you that there might be more to life than what's going on in the world."



DISCIPLE: "Why learn something new one week before you die?."

MASTER: "For exactly the same reason that you would learn something new fifty years before you die."



"There was once a candymaker who made candy in the shapes of animals and birds of different colors and sizes. When he sold his candy to children, they would begin to quarrel with words such as these: "My rabbit is better than your tiger.....My squirrel may be smaller than your elephant, but it is tastier....."


And the candymaker would laugh at the thought of grown-ups who were no less ignorant than the children when they thought that one person was better than another."

Anthony de Mello

The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello

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