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Mind Map Inspiration

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"Men and women lose themselves in thinking instead of offering themselves every moment to the glory that is life. But when they are threatened with death they are going to die in two weeks or tomorrow suddenly they realize that life is good! What a funny thing this brain - is it only gets enlightened in the moment it faces death! So you’ve got to die every moment. That is how to have uninterrupted enlightenment of the brain.


Men and women engage in the fantasy of the past or the fantasy of the future, which have no reality. Very seldom does anyone ever speak of now yet everyone craves to be now. For all problems disappear now; events happen now and you deal with them moment to moment. To live in that reality where there is no past and no future that is the kingdom of heaven. And if I find the kingdom of heaven within me, then it happens without. That’s the law of life."


"He who thinks he would have enjoyed the end so much, never makes it to the end. There is only now - which is why enlightenment is now. Now never ends"


“Many people delight in being unhappy and find it impossible to live any other way”


"It is an effort to try to stop thinking, but when you no longer think aimlessly, there is no effort"


"Thinking is dreaming. Thinking is the escape from facing yourself, from being yourself. You have nothing whatever to think about. You are here to be."


"Doubt is thought"


"To enjoy the present, you have to die to the past every moment"


"Only now is real"

Barry Long
Knowing Yourself by Barry Long
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Barry Long