Mind Map Inspiration
Mind Map Inspiration
The Mastery of Love
by Don Miguel Ruiz



From The Mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz ISBN 978 1878424426


"When you awake, you cross a line of no return, and you never see the

world in the same way. You are still dreaming - because you cannot avoid

dreaming, because dreaming is the function of the mind - but the difference

is that you know it's a dream. Knowing that, you can enjoy the dream or

suffer the dream. That depends on you"


"You open your eyes, you are awake, and everything becomes obvious"


"It is as if you awake one day, and no longer have emotional wounds.

When you no longer have those wounds in the emotional body, the

boundaries disappear, and you start to see everything as it is, not

according to your belief system"


"Once you surrender, there is no longer a struggle, there is no resistance, there is no suffering"


"The awakening is when you have the awareness that you are life"


"When we awake and we are the only sober person in the party where everyone is drunk, we can have compassion because we were drunk too. We don't need to judge, not even people in hell, because we, too, were in hell"