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Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway
by Susan Jeffers

Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway

by Susan Jeffers

ISBN 0712671056

Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway
by Susan Jeffers



Fear is such a big word. Isn’t it amazing how four little letters making up a tiny little word can have enough impact to paralyze us into non-action?


If you are anything like me, i.e. human - I imagine that for years the voice inside your head has been telling you – “You can’t do it because…” then suddenly you receive a gift beyond all measure – you are fortunate enough to discover Susan Jeffers and her astonishing book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” Then, if you are anything like me, after reading it, your jaw drops, you realize you have been deluding yourself all this time and you start to know that “You can do it because…”


What happened? Where did the shift begin? It began with dropping an apostrophe and a “t”. Changing a “can’t” into a “can”.


Adopting Susan Jeffers wonderful affirmation “I’ll handle it” is an enormous step in the right direction. We all postpone action and wait for the right time to do something and that is one of the biggest reasons we get nowhere fast – you know the one; postponing action normally leads to not bothering at all! Then we concoct all manner of excuses (or justified reasons as we let ourselves believe) for why we haven’t taken action, in order to make ourselves right.


Think back to when you first learnt to ride a bicycle – when someone was clinging to your shoulder you had enormous fear and didn’t really want to be let free. Then suddenly, you were free, riding the bike on your own and the fear vanished, the elation was tremendous and off you went alone. Then, you fell, hurt yourself and back came the fear. Do you give up or do you get back on and try again? If someone whispered the words “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” you might summon the courage to get straight back to it – if you let your mind take over you could easily persuade yourself that it was too bigger risk, you might get hurt – no I think I’ll give bicycles a miss.


See how easy it is to realize the truth – fear is always going to be there, you can’t eliminate it; you simply need to have faith and trust that you can do it; you can achieve what you want to and if you don’t – is it really the end of the world? You could try something else!


Here is a super excerpt from the book:


“Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness”


If you try something and fail that is far better than not trying at all and then wondering “What if…” Trying is part of life, so is fear; the great people of the world didn’t become great by allowing fear to stop them and they don’t have any more resistance to fear than anyone else, they simply felt the fear and did it anyway!


Mother Teresa once said “I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle”


Susan Jeffers goes a stage further and tells us why and how.


I thoroughly recommend this book to you and if you have any doubts that it will help you, try the affirmation “I’ll handle it” even if only for a day and see what a change it brings to your life.



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