Mind Map Inspiration
Mind Map Inspiration

NOW is all you have


Imagine you are going to die in one minute’s time.


This is your last experience, reading this, wearing what you have on, thinking, feeling and seeing what you are thinking, feeling and seeing right now.


This is it – the end of your life.


There is no time to write a note or make a phone call – you will die in one minute.


All you can do is experience what is, right NOW.


You stop fighting, you stop needing, you forget physical comfort, you stop wanting, and you stop achieving.


Enlightenment, attainment, realization all become meaningless.


You are just present; here, NOW.


NOW is all you have.



Adapted from “Right Now” by Ken McLeod


© Ken McLeod


Reproduced with kind permission



Nature is always in the Now

Time does not exist - we invented time. It is only ever



Photos by Gary Foreman 


"Only now is real"

Now Mind Map


Now Tree Mind Map
Only Now is Real Mandala

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Only Now is Real Mandala


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

From Eckhart Tolle on "How to Stay in the Present Moment"


1. Inhabit the body. Sense the aliveness that is in the body. This takes your attention away from thought. The practice of physical movements such as Tai Chi helps. Sensing the body becomes an anchor for staying present in the now.


2. Make it your practice to welcome this moment, no matter what form it takes. Say yes to whatever is "now". There is only one moment, but different forms of it. The secret is not to resist these forms. Surrendering to the forms that arise takes you to the formless in yourself. You then sense a spaciousness around whatever happens in your life. People, events, situations, objects come and go. Being in the now moment liberates you from form, from the world. With that liberation comes enormous peace.


Nature is always in the Now

Before you go anywhere else, or do anything more, sit there for a moment and read the four words in the box below, which are a quote from Barry Long. Don't worry, this is not hypnosis - this is just reality. Repeat the phrase as many times as you like now, and as often as you wish as you go about your day.

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