Mind Map Inspiration
Mind Map Inspiration



Great providing you draw something positive!


Be in the moment fully, concentrate on the doodle only.


Let your mind become FREE as you doodle!



Nothing beats laughter for a quick fix. Sometimes you may not feel like laughing, and often that is when it really helps most. Even if you fake it, your body will start to feel better and you will be uplifted instantly - you might look a fool standing there laughing out loud at nothing in particular, and so what! If it makes you feel better that is all that counts! If you have to, go off somewhere private and have a jolly good laugh!


There is a great joke book called "Elephantastic! A trunkful of unforgettable jokes" ISBN 1856973190


Jokes don't always need to be side splitters or rude to get your chuckle muscles going again - here are a couple from the book that should raise a smile, however mild!



How do you keep an elephant in suspense?

I'll tell you tomorrow.


How do you tell the difference between a mouse

and an elephant? Try picking them up!


How do you hire an elephant?

Stand it on four bricks.


and one of the best -


Elephant: "Doctor, I've lost my memory!"

Doctor: "When did this happen?"

Elephant: "When did what happen?"




A quick way to end the illusion of any temporary unhappy mood is to write your own Epitaph - it often brings humorous statements about yourself, shining a light that allows you to see that your mood is only really a reflection of your present thinking - and easily subject to change!


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Quick Fixes Mind Map

Quick Fixes to Negative Emotions

A few short and simple reminders to help stay on purpose


The Meaning of Life


"Consciousness" is a very good answer.


Here's another great phrase:


"It is" (or..... Reality in other words!)

Flip the coin!


This simple technique is a game of opposites, based on the fact that there are two sides to every coin.


For instance, it always helps to remember in an argument that there are two sides to the story.


The best example of "Flipping the coin" is Negativity versus Positivity. Try turning everything negative into a positive. You can do this in your mind rather than pulling someone else up all the time - just simply observe the negativity - you won't have to travel far to see it! In fact, better still, simply observe your own mind and stop yourself or at least acknowledge the thought whenever negative thoughts come in!


This technique also works well if you intend doing something like giving up smoking. Instead of saying "I won't smoke" - flip the coin and say "I will give up" By using a postive word you are far more likely to do what you say you are going to!


If you want to remember something - rather than saying "I must not forget..." say "I must remember...or "I will remember" The negative "not" almost always makes you forget!


Other flip the coin situations (or opposites) can be looked at for amusement, such as the weather "Sometimes it's raining - sometimes it's not"



A great way to remember ideas is to use initials


Below are some easy ones to try.


Invent others and have fun!


S A C - Smiles are contagious


S T - Stop Thinking


R P M – Remain in the Present Moment


D A M - Dead at Midnight


J A I L - Judgments & Instant Labelling


D T S - DROP the story


F A C T – Faith & Complete Trust


L G – Let Go


P F – Peace & Freedom


T C – Total Calm


No J A G – No Jealousy, No Anger, No Greed


S N T – Stop Negative Thinking


E T – Everything is Temporary

Negative Media


You could try giving up TV and newspapers for a while - only let good news in, rather than the bad and you will see an immediate difference in your feelings and emotions. We all know that bad things happen around the world; this is not a call to become ignorant, just a suggestion that you be the one that controls what enters your mind. Remember that for every act of evil there are a million acts of kindness. We are fed horrific stories on a daily basis by the media - and yet that is not a fair reflection of the world. You have to remember that at the end of the day they are a business with profit in mind. As Wayne Dyer once said "Yes, these things are terrible, but they are part of life - and so is my desire to stop them" Choose what you allow in and remember that you cannot be offended by someone or something unless you give them or it permission to offend you.


Why you are special


Over 6.5 billion people on the planet and you are unique. Why would you ever want to be anyone else but you?


The human brain can recognise a face in less than a second - no computer in the world is capable of doing that!


You are a winner! Think of all those millions of sperm you raced to be created. Againgst colossal odds, you won the first race you ever entered!


Every day you wake up is special!


If you live to 70 that is 25,550 days - don't waste a single day! Especially when you consider your present age and how many days you have seen come and go so far! How old are you? Times it by 365 and see how many days you have passed through already! Why waste your days being anything but happy?


Quick route


The quickest route back to a state of inner peace is to still your mind, by listening to silence.


For more on this see  "Stop Thinking" and Silence


Better version


If something is really bugging you and you feel you won't be complete without having a certain item ask yourself this question and answer it truthfully!


"Would I be a better version of me with___________________"


Quotes and affirmations


Pick some quotes & affirmations that feel right for you and carry them with you - constantly remind yourself of your positive quote and see what a difference it makes to your day!









Even if you fake it, your body will start to feel better and you will be uplifted instantly


Six Book Plan


Try the Six Book Plan to get you out of a rut and back on track for good!