Mind Map Inspiration
Mind Map Inspiration
Stop Thinking and Start Living

From "Silence in action" by Vimala Thakar


"Do you know how much energy is wasted in the chattering of the mind? Every thought consumes energy. Every emotion consumes energy. Even when you are physically alone and by yourself you could be spending lots of energy through the chattering of your mind. The chattering which consumes energy will have to come to an end. Energy should not be wasted in reactions. Reacting and brooding also imply consumption of vital energy. Unwarranted indulgence in thought and emotion is sheer waste of energy. So please find out how much energy you are wasting throughout the day. If you allow that energy to gather itself unto itself, you will have immensurable more energy"


“Watch what happens when you dismiss a concern in your mind as ‘just a thought’”

Richard Carlson

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