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Review of "Taming Your Gremlin"


This is a fantastic book. If an alien came from another planet and

needed a handful of books to find out what it is like as a human

being – this would be in his shopping basket! The trouble with that

scenario is that the alien would then know more than you do and

yet you are a human being!


In “Taming Your Gremlin” Rick Carson exposes and uncovers the

most significant reason for human suffering and gives us countless

strategies for being one step ahead at all times.


Your Gremlin is the narrator in your head. Simply by noticing your

Gremlin you are shining a light on your repetitive and habitual

erroneous thoughts. With relaxed detachment and by observing

your thinking rather than constantly analysing you no longer need

to be imprisoned by your mental chatter. Witnessing the movements of the mind as an independent observer, you realise that you do not have to believe your thoughts – you begin to see how repetitive your thinking can become and how absurd it can be.


Your Gremlin is cunning, it makes things up, fantasizes and draws you into inevitable internal fights – mental torture designed to confuse you into a spiral of depressive thought processes that sap the energy and life from you. When your Gremlin is trapping you it makes you adopt a whinging, poor me attitude, thriving on negativity and leading you into inner turmoil away from the natural you. This can be done so subtly that you start to convince yourself that the ‘natural you’ is what your Gremlin tells you rather than who you really are! In other words your Gremlin is so persuasive that you don’t always know when you are being fooled.


Simply noticing your Gremlin (or internal chatter) is a huge step toward taming it. Fighting your Gremlin is pointless – it is far too shrewd – you need to diminish your Gremlin by shining the light on it, by being aware, by taming it.


If you stop to consider what it would be like if all your thoughts came out of your mouth as they enter your mind you can see how those around you might label you insane! And yet, even though we know others would find our constant internal chatterbox absurd we still listen to it and worse still we believe it!


“Taming Your Gremlin” offers you an inner peace and calm that most humans don’t know exists. I highly recommend this book to you – it will revolutionise your thinking and transform your life.  

Taming Your Gremlin

 "Taming Your Gremlin - A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way" by Rick Carson

(Illustrated by Novle Rogers)

ISBN 0060520221




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Taming Your Gremlin

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